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Introducing Mindy Teams

Welcome to Mindy Teams! On October 24th, 2018, as a part of major rebranding of Mindy Supports, business process outsourcing company in Ukraine, was established a new entity – Mindy Teams.

Mindy Teams is a place where talented people get a chance to work on exciting, tech-

savvy projects from clients all over the world.

Currently Mindy Teams has a growing community of 1500 employees in 6 different cities of Ukraine – Bila Tserkva, Poltava, Kyiv, Rivne, Lutsk, Ternopil.

Mindy Teams work closely with clients from Europe and Northern America on various projects within 8 industries –  IT, retail and e-commerce, staffing and recruiting, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, insurance, consulting, finance and healthcare.

Mindy Teams is a part of international brand Mindy Support that has launched a rebranding campaign in 2018.

“Mindy Support have grown rapidly in the last 5 years”, says Evgeniya Khimenko, General Manager at Mindy Supports. “We started off by providing virtual assistants to companies from EU. Today we have well over 2000 employees in 6 cities across Ukraine. Our services go way beyond virtual assistants. We have dedicated teams in research, consulting, data annotation and processing and many more. To make sure our brand identity reflects the scale of business services and the true competence of our teams we have decided to rebrand.”

As a part of rebranding Mindy Teams now has its own logo, slogan, website, graphics, as well as a new take on communication and correspondence.

The word ‘Mindy’ in Mindy Teams comes from the word ‘mind’ and is pronounced as |maɪndi|.

The new company logo has also changed. Instead of an image of 3 assistants, Mindy Teams now has a bold letter ‘M’ as a part of their main logo. Brand colors remain green and violet.

“With our new logo we want to communicate to our clients and employees the we are reliable, efficient and transparent in our processes”, says Olga Rotanenko, deputy General Manager at Mindy Support. “We have always acted as a partner to our clients and our employees, so we want our logo to reflect that. We are very people-oriented and it became a part of our brand.”

The new slogan of the company reads – “We Get It Done.”

Along with the new name, logo and slogan came the new website – mindy-teams.com

Mindy Teams is a part of international brand Mindy Support with over 2000 employees in 6 offices across Ukraine. Join our teams in sales and marketing, customer support, research and analysis, graphical assistance, data entry and processing or back office support. Learn and grow with Mindy Teams!

Contact info

Kyiv Sholudenka St., 3

[email protected]

+38 097 178 7800

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